So I dutifully wrote day by day the most uninspiring blog on this planet (no false modesty here) and then cavilled when it came to sending it.
Each day melded into the next in a continuum of Crete experience, and so to make up for my silence I have dismantled the experience into its elements.

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This was a day of so much magic that I am not going to give it a number or a date.

Woke at dawn, all quiet, sun just about to bounce above the horizon, and take myself to the top of the highest dune in sight of camp. Salute the sun with the world at my feet

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Was going to skip the morning routine writeup but as we were waiting for breakfast they let the horses out of the nearby stables to run around their paddock. Brown and white Arabian horses galloped and frisked in front of us as we ruefully remembered our pathetic attempts at (well I did – perhaps the others were making more favourable comparisons with their inner stallions).

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