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Sharon Ngo, Instructor, Fujian White Crane Kung Fu & Tai Chi Club (FWC Kung Fu)

The first Kung Fu classes I taught were in the 1980s at a Sports College to a room full of rugby players and egotists – they were a lot of fun and there were plenty of opportunities to teach (and practise) blocking.

With a career in public sector finance behind me I took a few years raising the family. Taking a break turned into starting my own business. Travelling extensively in China I spent my time researching and writing about Chinese Martial Arts. When back home I concentrated on developing teaching methods, supporting our Club Instructors, investing in my knowledge and understanding of elite training, and running our website on the side.

Now I am returning to my Martial Arts roots of teaching students in class. My own training began at University College when I was 19 years old. We concentrated on the Tiger Crane Kung Fu forms in those days and the Suang Yang Tai Chi form followed. We were well versed in the experience of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) though we didn’t have a technical term for it and sadly had no knowledge of the Chocolate Milk cure.

My teaching style focuses on inculcating correct movement and martial mindset from the moment you start training. Learning is a process and I subscribe to the values of expert teaching and purposeful practice.

About Instructor Sharon

Sharon Ngo has a degree in English Language and Literature from University College, London. ¬†Sharon’s work in the Public Sector involved securing the financial resources required to run a democracy.

Her personal experience as a parent has given her a compassionate view of the issues surrounding learning disorders, giftedness, and “talent”.

She has a particular level of expertise in teaching Foundation level students of Classical Chinese Martial Arts, fixing training “roadblocks”, and developing high level performance.

In China Instructor Sharon Ngo has graded to 5th Dan Level, Chinese Wushu Association.



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