You might think I look like a large fearsome bear to be wary of. Well you’d be right! But what comes with that is the tough love and brutal honesty of my instructing, and my bark is as bad as my bite.

So why should you train with me? I am that crazed obsessive artist you’re looking for. You are my uncut block of marble and I will chip away at you with insults and humorous teasing. I will push your points, after all I am an acupuncturist. You’ll smile, you’ll laugh, you’ll stop in the realisation my teasing holds the truth, and you’ll come back for more as an artist’s work is never finished.

About Instructor Karim

Karim holds an Honours degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a member of the British Acupuncture Association. He holds a 7th level qualification in Chinese Herbal Medicine, which is equivalent to a Masters Degree. He is also a qualified personal trainer and sports therapist.

Karim started his Fujian White Crane Kung Fu training in his early 20s and has been teaching Kung Fu for 16 years.

Karim holds 2nd Dan from the Chinese Wushu Association (China).

Karim is married to a secondary school science teacher. They love to travel.



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