My lifestyle is very demanding. The nature of my work for my family business requires that I travel often; I’m currently managing six companies in four countries. When I am in Cairo (my hometown), my time is very short. Yet I find the time not only to train every day, but to conduct a class and teach students.

How am I able to do all this? It is the pursuit of the study of Kung Fu itself which gives me the motivation and energy required to be able to fit my international family business, and teaching into my life. The tremendous support I receive and have received over the years from this wonderful club also makes this possible.

Why do I bother? Simply put, I cannot imagine my life without it. It is through what Kung Fu has taught me about myself and about how to reach beyond what I thought my limitations were, that I have become the man that I am. I have learned that it is in my power to shape myself in order to achieve what I want in life. The quality and richness of this empowerment never end, and thrive on how hard you push yourself; so I am hooked. I want to share this beautiful addiction with you.

Come to me if you really want to enrich your life. Don’t come if all you’re looking for is abs for beach season. If that’s the extent of your ambition you can achieve it with me, but there are far easier ways that won’t waste both of our time. I want inspired students. I don’t care if you’re strong or weak, fit or fat, tall or short. All that matters is that you are serious about committing to hard work, and you trust me to teach you. I promise that if you can, I will help you to surpass your notions of your limitations. The principles of Kung Fu can benefit all areas of your life.

About Instructor George

George Bahna is an Egyptian who has been educated in England, graduating from Eton College, and UCL with a BSc in Construction Project Management. Since 2001 he has returned to Egypt to work in his family engineering business, but has maintained close ties to FWC. In 2005 he was awarded 2nd Dan by the Chinese Wushu Association, in China. From 2008 – 2010 he returned to England to complete an MBA from London Business School. He now lives in Cairo, teaching in his spare time.

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