Life was easy, but mistakes, I’ve made a few….

School was not especially challenging, though I admit I did enough to achieve good grades. Although a bit of a geek and teased for being good at maths (all right, very good at maths) I was also on the football team. University was Mathematics at Magdalen College, Oxford followed by a stint at JP Morgan at an IT desk.

The only hardship I’ve really had in life I did to myself. But boy was it worth it. Walked off the College football team so I could play more pool… no regrets. Worked every day and trained every evening… no regrets. Gave up the City job to be a Kung Fu instructor… no regrets. Started an e-commerce business working all the hours that I used to do in the City whilst still training and teaching Kung Fu… no regrets.

Kung Fu has helped me maximize what I can achieve. It gives me focus, it gives me perspective. Although I run my own business the long days at a computer are broken up with mind space, teaching, mentoring, and family. I have never been so fit and mentally alive in all my life.

That’s what Kung Fu gives me. When I want more out of life I look for it and I find it… no regrets. I’m doing it my way.

So what can I do for you? Surely you want to know? Who fails on purpose? I know about your pressures and I know that you want to succeed at what you are doing. I know about studying, about getting results. I know about the 10 or 12 or 14 hours a day at a computer. I know about deadlines. I know about working in a team. And I know that you can take more – add Kung Fu to your life.

Call me and let’s talk about you – or we can talk about me if that’s what you want…

About Instructor Nick

Nick is a solo entrepreneur, running a successful eCommerce business from his home in Teddington, South West London – where he lives with his wife Ety and their two daughters.

He graduated from Oxford University in 2000 with an MSc in Mathematical Sciences, before working for 8 years in the City Of London for JP Morgan Chase investment bank.

Call Nick now on 07747 775 220