Each Instructor has a page to write about themselves, but this is background to what we look for, how we select and train our instructors, and what we expect of them. Most teach full time as their sole profession, but some teach alongside another career or academia. Regardless, they all have to train with the Chief Instructor, Dennis Ngo. Every Sunday we have classes specifically for the Instructors, and they also have dedicated full training days and longer trips.

We demand that all Instructors join us on a lifelong journey of learning.

All Full Instructors serve an apprenticeship (as an Assistant Instructor) lasting at least two years. During this time they are under the direct guidance of a mentor who is already full time Instructor. If they are successful at this stage they may become a Full Instructor. If their level of technical skill is inadequate they will fail and may be allowed to try again.

In addition to technical skill in our style and commitment to this Club, Instructors must also demonstrate sound organisation, good communication, leadership, honesty, and integrity.  And their safety record, the standard of their teaching, their care of students – those are vitally important.

Go on, challenge your Instructors to be even better teachers.