When I started training as a PhD student spending too many hours sitting behind a desk, I had no spatial awareness, no flexibility and was out of breath just a few minutes into class. Over time, I noticed the joy of building up a body that works and a mind that’s focused and disciplined even more than it was during my research years.

Whatever you do in life, Kung Fu will help you achieve it. It teaches you endurance, focus, an eye for  detail as well as attention to, and a relationship with, your environment. From running your own business, doing research, studying, leading teams, organizing the family chores or being a considerate partner, parent, friend, mentor or colleague – Kung Fu will help you achieve your true potential in every walk of life.

Come and join us today! Don’t think it’s too late to start training. Take this time for yourself. It will be fun, it will get tough, you will challenge yourself, but it will be an incredibly rewarding journey.

About Instructor Ann Sofie

Ann Sofie studied law in Belgium and the US before completing a PhD at the University of Cambridge, UK, where she lectured for a couple of years. She practiced corporate and competition law in international law firms. Now she’s teaching a class on blockchain & digital assets at the University of Cambridge, is a legal advisor to a number of crypto companies and is working on a web3 start-up.

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