This privacy policy explains how we use information you provide to us as a Member, or as visitor to our website.


We will use your details to provide you with the services we supply across all our Club activities, in a manner which you would reasonably expect. We will take suitable steps to secure your data.

We never sell data. We never disclose your data to a third party without your consent unless required to by law and for the purposes of insurance if you are a Member.


Visitors to our Website

Our website uses cookies to collect data but not in a way that personally identifies the person visiting the website. Our use of cookies policy is available on our website.

We use Google Analytics to allow us to check how our website is being used, but it does not collect data in a way which allows us to identify any person accessing our website.

Signing up for our Newsletter

If you have signed up for our newsletter you will receive emails from us when new articles are posted on our website.  You can unsubscribe at any time. The data held on the newsletter list is not connected with any data we hold elsewhere.

We use a third party, MailChimp, to provide our newsletter mailout service. If you are subscribed to our Newsletter then your data is held and used in accordance with their Privacy Policy (which you can access at

MailChimp provides us with statistics regarding email opening and clicks to our website using industry standard technologies to help us monitor and improve the content we are providing.

Members’ data

As part of the process of signing up to join our Club we will ask for information on our membership form. We regard that information as confidential and it may only be shared between FWC Instructors if needed for the purposes of providing our training services.

During the time that you are a Member then Instructors will use any data you supply to provide your training and any other activities you engage in (such as training camps, or Club social activities).

Instructors do not share your information (such as your phone number or your address) with each other without your consent and only as needed to organize the Club’s training and activities.

We share our Members’ names and dates of birth with our Insurance provider WAKO GB, as a requirement of our insurance policy.

Members’ profiles

 If you have set up a Member’s profile on our website that data is held on our own database and is not shared with any third parties. It is held on secure servers which are password and firewall protected.

If you are no longer training with us you can ask us to delete the data we have stored on this database.  We have taken steps to ensure that any non-members’ profiles have already been deleted as part of the process of complying with the GDPR.

Retention of Data

We will take steps to ensure that we do not unnecessarily or unreasonably hold your data if you are no longer a Member.

Our current policy is to retain Member training records for one year after their membership expires. This allows for continuity of record-keeping should the person decide to re-join the Club.

We are obliged to maintain and retain business accounting records for a statutory period, but will do so in accordance with current UK Data Protection laws.

Reviewing the data we hold and the right to be forgotten

 You can ask us what data we hold about you, and ask for us to amend it or delete it in accordance with current Data Protection laws. Please email the Instructor you are or were training with if you have any enquiries on this.

Social Media

If you choose to interact with us on Social Media then any information you share on those platforms is not covered by this Privacy Policy, but is governed by the privacy policies of those Social Media platforms.