Oct 24th 2012  

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Egypt Camp 2012

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series FWC Sahara Camp 2012

Off to the White Desert today. Muscular Salute to the Sunrise followed by “old Person’s Stretching” and fight stepping. Before the White Desert we drive through the Black Desert – looks like the set for a Hollywood blockbuster about landing on a hostile planet and finding new life forms. Maybe if anyone comes across us doing take-downs in the shadows of a dune their sense of reality will be tested. Anyway feeling more confident on the T E Lawrence front – whilst in Baharaya yesterday I had several lessons in tying the headscarf the traditional ways for men and women. There is a definite knack to it and both practical and comfortable when done correctly. Still look like a tourist of course – but after all that’s what we are. And being good campers we checked the weather forecast – Chance of Rain 0%.

Egypt Camp 2012

They were clean this morming

Lunch was a picnic on top of the world. The ground of the Black Desert is strewn with raw iron in organic twisted shapes sprinkled with bright crystals. The new suspensions are being tested as we make the transition to the White Desert. The black gives way to grey marble mounds  Рsharp rocks are a hazard to the tyres with soft sand sending us in arcs. Then suddenly we are amongst the dunes. Huge mounds of sand snaking across the valley between mountain ranges. Enormous sand dragons changing shape as the wind blows. Exhilaration rules as we ride up and down near vertical walls of sand.

Well we managed to put our training to good use – at the bottom of some the dunes the sand is very soft and the heavily laden cars are hard put to keep going. We only got stuck twice to the extent of having to push the cars (Toyota Landcruisers) backwards and forwards until the wheels are free. Don’t worry I have one on video if you want to see – the second time I was making use of my training. ¬†After all that fun we raced off the campsite and now we are lying around the campfire dozing and staring at the stars whilst “really a very good cook” is getting ready to serve up dinner.