Oct 23rd 2012  

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Egypt Camp 2012

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After sunrise exercise and breakfast everyone goes training but as the drivers are taking the opportunity to fill up with diesel (news of a delivery in town). I take the opportunity to get some essential supplies in. A couple of us are dropped by the city founfain to be collected in an hour. For arcane reasons we are looking for black velvet material. Given the quantity of black clothing visible on the streets I didn’t expect this to be a problem.

However it seems you can have any colour velvet ( including fluorescent) except black. Hmmm. Standing In the shade watching life go it strikes me that small-town life the world over is not that different – t’s all normal. Even the enormous black and white cow travelling in the back of a Toyota pickup looked perfectly at ease.

Egypt Camp 2012

We did come here to train you know

Lunch was out of town at an eco-lodge followed by a siesta in the shade. Those woken by the snoring played a spacial awareness game – there’s a gene for that apparently. I was technically incorrect yesterday regarding the suspension procedures. Alain has put an extra spiral spring in his coils whereas Zergo has put on extra-strong leafsprings.

During the afternoon we took a drive through the oasis stopping on the way to admire the view across the groundwater lake and to pick dates.

Fresh and warm from the tree they are like caramels, soft and fleshy. After a beautiful sunset and evening sidestep training it was off to the hot springs to ease our aching joints and muscles. Quiet evening. Off to the sand dunes tomorrow.