Oct 27th 2012  

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Sahara Training

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series FWC Sahara Camp 2012

So here we are heading back to Cairo. What I love about going to the Sahara is that you have to plan in advance but once there you have to live in the present. Going over the sand dune rally style was certainly living in the present, but choosing which car to be in was planning ahead! In the desert you have to be responsible for yourself, as everyone must stick together.

This is why the drivers wait and see when a car gets stuck – if you can get yourself out well and good, if not then help is offered. Self-reliance is valued because then you can help others. It is better to get stuck 1,000 times than to take a risk of damage that cannot be fixed because the consequences could be dire. So learn to block not just to hit! See you in class tomorrow.

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