Oct 22nd 2012  

 Travel diaries

Not the M25
Not the M25

Not the M25

Awoke to the prospect of a training day. Made an early start stretching as the sun came up.

Extensive Egyptian breakfast followed by alignment and balance training. Once the heat built up we headed into town for lunch. Beef stew and roast chicken isn’t going to make anyone jealous so I’ve been advised to include the word “tajine” – jealous now? Straight back to the hotel for a siesta then afternoon session begins. We were tree trunks waving our branches without bending in the wind. As the sun went down and the moon came up we continue to train until dinnertime.

Dinner was up to the usual standard and suprisingly the main course was fish. Zergo had earlier explained that his suspension was being fixed and would come back stronger and higher than ever! If I understood correctly air suspension was out and more leafsprings were in. To save himself from “suspension-envy” Alain was having the same procedure. Fouli was not available for comment but I’ll see if I can catch up with him tomorrow dear reader.

The conversation gradually degenerated over dinner until we decided to try the unthinkable – send a photo by bluetooth from a Samsung Galaxy to an iPhone. I excused my vintage iPhone 1 from proceedings and we tried with a 3GS. After initial flirting with “discoverable” and “accept my codes” oops now I’m not discoverable – accept me again….we got to the dead end of “Not supported”. Hmmm – a Samsung and an Apple not on speaking terms – wonder why?

Egypt Camp 2012

That’s the way we came down

Anyway as one door shuts another one opens so we adjourned to the firepit for toasted marshmallows (the latest in superfoods – the sugar turns to carbon) and Space-side whisky (I think that’s what he said). Sorry, Speyside (and don’t add water – it’s not cask strength). Goodnight.