Oct 27th 2015  

 Travel diaries

This entry is part 7 of 8 in the series FWC Aswan Training 2015

Another tough day at the coalface.  Spent the morning at the bazaar trying to locate Nubian coffee pots.  Success at last down aside alley between the main stalls on the market. Somehow this takes ages even though the price is agreed fairly early.Version 2

Then buying the spices starts.  This takes absolutely forever.  Green peppercorns from Ethiopia, dried hibiscus, lemongrass grass, redDSC_1324 peppercorns from somewhere else.  Mid-day heat in full swing as we finally leave the Bazaar

Grab our swimming things and head off to a muddy bank.  Now this is not just any muddy bank, this place has special mud.  We have arrived at the mud baths.  There is a technique to this which we have to be shown  First the dried mud is smashed up, then mixed with river water to a nice paste (or mud if you want to get technical).  Then you have to stand still whilst mud is put everywhere all over you (including your ears).  Now comes the good bit.  You have to lie down in the sun and be covered with dust.DSC_1384

I have no idea how long we lay there but as the mud baked in the sun I waited for a timer to go off so that I would know I was done.  When the DSC_1369time came to get up we were like a bunch of zombies, the mud cracking and dropping off our stiff limbs.

Swim in the river to wash all the mud away then warm up with grilled fish for lunch.  A pack of dogs turned up as we were eating in case all that mud had ruined our appetites.

Squeaky clean and well-fed we head back up the river to pack up before dinner.  Very early start tomorrow.