Oct 28th 2015  

 Travel diaries

This entry is part 8 of 8 in the series FWC Aswan Training 2015

All good things come to an end and so we are packed, checked in, and waiting to board.  So what were the highlights of this trip?Consensus as follows:

Seeing Alain and Sirgany again.

Riding into town on donkeys with the Magnificent Seven.

Lying on the banks of the Nile looking like something the archaeologists are about to dig up.

Going down the Nile with “I Can Boogie” at full blast on the sound system.

Arguing about whether the IgNobel was given for working out that mammals of all sizes empty their bladders in the same amount of time or at the same rate.

Waiting at the side of the road in the desert for 5 blokes to empty their supposedly mammalian bladders over vastly different timescales, so that we can empty ours.

Jumping into the Nile, and waiting 5 days to make the joke: “I’m in deNile!”

False stuffed pigeon followed by banana baklava.

Being the only people at Abu Simbel.

Bargaining for tablecloths in the bazaar – ”It’s not like I’m asking you to buy a Ferrari here”.


Training at dawn and dusk.  And trying not to wince when someone asks, “But what if they’ve got a knife?”  “Let me show you…”

Planning our next three trips.