Oct 27th 2015  

 Travel diaries

This entry is part 6 of 8 in the series FWC Aswan Training 2015

So here we are trying to give ourselves a hard time, but it’s not that easy.  Drive from Abu Simbel back to Aswan, arriving at lunchtime.

After lunch at the Nubian house, take a boat to a sandy riverbank, locally known as a beach.  DSC_1243Spend the rest of the day there, swimming, drinkingDSC_1234 Nubian coffee, politely declining Nubian handicrafts and sitting around.Sufficient boredom sets in for some hardy souls to head to the top of the large dune for the view.

As the sun cools off and dusk sets in we start training.  Some interesting discussions on the morals of self-defence with suitable demonstrations.

Dinner is on the boat.  Highlight is fake stuffed pigeon (tastes like chicken), meatballs, and moussaka.

Then light a fire on the beach and make tea.

Back home by boat in the sparkling moonlight, enjoying the Nile and the atmosphere of Azzzzzzzwan.