Welcome To Fujian White Crane Kung Fu

Any club can tell you that beginners are always welcome – our students can tell you themselves.

Our instructors are passionate about their own training but when they are in front of their classes they are concentrated on teaching you. ┬áIt’s about your progress, unravelling your setbacks, instilling the principles of this old traditional style of Kung fu into you – not about their egos.

So, welcome to our website. Have a look around, and when you’re ready… give us a call.
We’ll be here.

The Birthday Party

The hotel in Yong Chun has been beautifully spruced up and could be called five star, with only minor drawbacks like having to ask for a kettle to make Dennis’ breakfast coffee (this was quickly remedied). After a lazy morning we walked across the courtyard to the party venue, where as many as twenty tables… Read more »

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FWC at Fuzhou Competition 2014

Danik Mikhailov

  On the flight from London I’m not sure if our ears were ringing from the cabin pressure or as residual from the deafening jungle drums in Heathrow – no matter. All calmed down and the flights were fine, despite only findingJapanese noodles in Beijing. Jingjiu and baijiu in a private dining hall in the… Read more »

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FWC Crete Camp 2014 – The Experience

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series FWC Crete Camp 2014

So I dutifully wrote day by day the most uninspiring blog on this planet (no false modesty here) and then cavilled when it came to sending it.
Each day melded into the next in a continuum of Crete experience, and so to make up for my silence I have dismantled the experience into its elements.

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