Welcome To Fujian White Crane Kung Fu

Any club can tell you that beginners are always welcome – our students can tell you themselves.

Our instructors are passionate about their own training but when they are in front of their classes they are concentrated on teaching you. ┬áIt’s about your progress, unravelling your setbacks, instilling the principles of this old traditional style of Kung fu into you – not about their egos.

So, welcome to our website. Have a look around, and when you’re ready… give us a call.
We’ll be here.

FWC China Trip 2014 – Day 4

Dragon at the Summer Palace
This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series FWC China Trip 2014

Up at a reasonable hour for an outstanding breakfast. All nations catered for – was almost like home, bacon, sausage, beans, egg, and toast (just missing the black pudding). Plus congee and fried devils, sushi, noodles, fresh pastries, etc etc etc.

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FWC China Trip 2014 – Day 3

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series FWC China Trip 2014

Up before crack of dawn, packed breakfast (yuck) and on bus to airport. Xi’An coming, and we’ve never been before. Our organisation has given us plenty of time to check in which is just as well. You cannot take opened bottles of alcohol in checked luggage. We had some opened whisky of the expensive and hard to come by variety and had a choice between throwing it away or drinking it. Tough decision.

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FWC China Trip 2014 – Day 2

Day of excitement – we’re going to see the Great Wall!
Excellent breakfast at the hotel – extensive Chinese buffet, plus coffee, toast and jam. Stoked up ready for the day’s exercise.

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