Are you breathing?  Is your heart beating? That’s all you need to start training.

We train the Classical Chinese Martial Arts of White Crane Kung Fu and Suang Yang Tai Chi.

They come to you in the hands of modern-day teachers, scholars, leaders, mentors – we call them instructors.

Come and find us.  We’ll be here – still training, still breathing, our hearts beating.

We will be here till the end.

Hi, my name is Lucas. I train with Karim at the Cambridge University Club with my ten-year-old son, Richie.

In my life I have enjoyed many sports such as football and cycling – these have been physically demanding, particularly on the lower body, but they pale in comparison with the leg-strength I have gained from Kung-fu training. Read More

Barbecue today. So change of plan and morning training in the arboretum surrounded by the mini-beasts. It’s also Saturday and the beach will be packed. More grappling with brain engaged  (hopefully).

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Someone said they had yoga for breakfast, but I think I must have mis-heard. The sea is pretty exciting again today, with big waves rolling in to shore. A breakthrough conversation today with the Leader of the Elders, always dapper in straw trilby (even in the sea). Read More

Big waves on the beach today. Small gathering of Elders – there was Parliamentary vote last night on the economic proposals. Pharmacists back at work, but the banks are still closed. Life seems fairly normal but this can only really be an illusion.
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Day dawns, yoghurt is white and smooth and delicious and honey is sweet. Have been working on creativity and so did the old exercise of “make your own tools”. So ate my yoghurt and honey with a spoon made from a crust of bread. I don’t think it will take the art world by storm but it was fun and tasty. Read More

02.30 wake up call. It’s not like I’ve volunteered for the SAS or anything but if you want to catch Ryanair to Chania that’s what it takes. So usual mob of black tracksuits at the check-in folloed by airport breakfast. This was a good choice as no matter what size we ordered the same food came.

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