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Joshua Villar, Instructor, Fujian White Crane Kung Fu & Tai Chi Martial Arts Club, London Westminster

From dancer to Kung Fu Instructor. I have over twelve years’ experience of training – and my choice is Fujian White Crane Kung Fu.

My years of disciplined learning from a very young age have given me considerable knowledge of the human body and the technical application and  skill of Kung Fu.

With this knowledge I am well positioned to guide you on your Kung Fu journey.

Do not worry about your current fitness, flexibility, or commitment to training. I will help you and guide you.

Come to my class and improve your physicality.

Come ready to learn, have fun and work hard.

I will share my passion and guide you on your own path to become an accomplished Martial Artist.

It all starts when you pick up the phone – and then you walk into class, just like I did 12 years ago.

About Instructor Joshua

In less than a quarter century on Earth Joshua has acquired over a dozen years’ of training experience starting with Fujian White Crane Kung Fu at the age of twelve. He has also been trained in Contemporary Dance and Classical Ballet at Trinity Laban Dance and at the BRIT School . Joshua is a qualified personal trainer.

Joshua has a great interest in Chinese history and philosophy and is currently learning to speak Chinese.

Call Joshua now on 07920 056 974