Dec 03rd 2015  


Savina Geerinckx training at FWC Camden

“Why aren’t you in Kung Fu class?”  “Sorry – I’m in Dakar.”  “Is that your excuse?”

Well. that’s the best Savina Geerinckx has. Savina trains with Chief Instructor Dennis Ngo at FWC Kentish Town The Horticultural Training Centre– when she can.  When she’s not in Dakar or travelling elsewhere in Senegal (or across Europe).

Savina is a co-founder of Aspyre Africa, whose aims are to work with local partners providing vocational training to young people in Senegal, West Africa.  This is with a view to long-term economic security taking into account the demands of the local and global economies and the environment.

Young hopefuls attending a presentation by a horticulturalist who trained locally.

So we’re glad to get an update on how things are going, and to have Savina back in town. She says that having done extensive research on location “we decided to prioritise training in agriculture and horticulture to start with and have started a partnership with the «Centre d’Initiation Horticole» during our recent visit, with whom we are just launching several programmes for different target groups: vulnerable young people, talibe children and young people who are in the justice system. Each programme will be adapted to the level of the young people.”

She will be coming to the Christmas Dinner and so we are taking the opportunity to hold a raffle in the Season of Goodwill with a couple of great prizes to raise some funds towards their work.

Aspyre Africa LogoIf you are interested in the work of Aspyre Africa then you can check them out at their website.   Savina would love it if you could follow them on Facebook , Twitter or Instagram.