Oct 21st 2015  

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Here we go with our published author and instructor at FWC Muswell Hill, Danil Mikhailov.  This was how he experienced a week of training at the Red Sea…

“For us instructors, Egypt is an opportunity to tune up our own patterns and abilities. The lifestyle of an instructor means that we train all the Photo 17-09-2015 13 57 59time, but there is training and there is training.
Going away from the normal rhythms of a working week with its many responsibilities – in my case, 2 young children, a complex job and two businesses! – and settling in to just training your patterns continuously all day long for 7 days, lets you push your abilities up to a new level.

It is only through repetition that the nuance of movement begins to emerge and real learning happens. And the beauty of Kung Fu is that no matter how long you have been training, there are always new levels to breach and new nuances to discover. That is why I think Kung Fu is, fundamentally, the most creative and challenging art form.

Of course, it also helps that you are surrounded by friends you can talk Kung Fu shop with, as well asPhoto 17-09-2015 13 57 56 sun, sea, great food and – crucial for the parents among us! – uninterrupted sleep. All of that together combines to get the training juices flowing.

As you can tell from the pictures, I took the opportunity of the hot weather to do some of the more acrobatic of my patterns, with plenty of jumps, kicks and ground work techniques. Somehow, the sunshine and the promise of a dip in the sea at the end, encourages the muscles and joints to take that bit more pounding before they complain.

The next camp is 6 months away and I am looking forward to it already!”


Do you train with Danil?  Don’t forget to ask him about the supposed size of the moray eel he saw when snorkelling in the Red Sea.