Jun 21st 2015  


Instructor Danil Mikhailov in his garden

Fujian White Crane Kung Fu Instructor, Danil Mikhailov has been busy!  This year he is launching a new publishing venture to complement his interest in Chinese philosophy. Danil is already a published author with his book “The History and Philosophy of Kung Fu: An Introduction” published in 2013.

Now he is aiming for a new audience with his latest publication, “Nappy Monster in the

Instructor Danil Mikhailov in his garden

Instructor Danil Mikhailov enjoying some time outdoors.

Garden”.  In a joint venture with his wife (and children) the book aims to encourage outdoor activities, and is the first in a series.  Danil says, “The book is part of my attempt to use some Daoist ideas in everyday life.  The topic is getting children to spend more time closer to nature..”

Danil will also be giving a lecture on Sunday 5th July on the subject of ‘Daoism in everyday life”, covering his thoughts about applying Daoist ideas and strategies to study, career, and parenting.  There will be a reception afterwards to celebrate the Nappy Monster’s entree to the world.   Instructors have all the details if you are interested, or you can contact Danil for more information.