Oct 20th 2012  

 Travel diaries

Sahara Training

Day zero – up at 02.30 for 06.00 flight to Cairo via Vienna. Sat at same tables in same restaurant cafe as last year – wonder if this means time not passing? Is this the secret of eternal youth? Amazement that there is laksa and chocolate mousse on the plane for lunch! Note to ever youthful self: same route this time next year.

At Cairo Alain, Zergo, and Fouli are just as we left them – the cars are haven’t changed and they’re even wearing the same kit. Gridlock in the city hasn’t changed much. What is going on?

After a couple of hours left the city behind and doing what we came for – desert driving. Found location to camp and set up in the dark. Fouli worked his magic and a fire was going in no time. Magical sky full of stars. Dinner on Day zero – marinated fillet of beef roasted over the fire, italian mashed potatoes and salad. Washed down with Laphroig cask strength ( saves arguing over whether to add water) and toasted marshmallows. And so to sleeping bag…