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Kitty Erickson, Instructor, Fujian White Crane Kung Fu and Tai Chi Martial Arts Club

Starting Kung Fu is one of the most liberating things I have ever done. It pulls me away from the distractions of day-to-day life, and consolidates my understanding of who I am.   It reminds me of what is actually important in life. It is simple: all I need is my body and an open mind…

Fujian White Crane Kung Fu is a clean and unique fighting system that appeals to me because both physical and internal benefits are integral to the success of the style. I value the fact that it treats the whole – you can’t just train the body, you need to train the mind and your spiritual self as well. This can be tough, but is well worth it, as these benefits transfer positively into other areas of life. That is a pretty big bonus!

I have two children who have shaped my life in ways I never imagined they would. Motherhood has reinforced the meanings of responsibility and perseverance. It has taught me patience and it’s maintained my sense of humour – both of which you need! Both my children train in Kung Fu, so we share that journey together.

Although I am an approachable person, I will push you hard. The moment you walk into the training room, let go of your day and I will guide you through this clean, technical fighting system. Fujian White Crane Kung Fu will extend your boundaries and your perceived limitations.

Kung Fu can help define who you are. It’s a martial art form, not a sport. It will improve your fitness, flexibility, coordination and self-defense skills, but that’s not all. So come to class and see where it takes you…

About Instructor Kitty

Kitty has a degree in Commercial Music and is a qualified massage therapist. After finishing her degree and working in the music industry in London, she left England to work on sailing yachts in the West Indies and east coast of America. After an adventure or two, she returned to England and worked as a massage therapist and massage trainer travelling around the UK.

Kitty divides her time between teaching Kung Fu, running a full size allotment and looking after her family. In her spare time she enjoys volunteering in her community to support the elderly and playing her violin with a local folk group.

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