Over the past 18 years of Kung Fu training I have stood in all positions – from wide-eyed asthmatic junior just trying to keep up to a full instructor teaching others. I know how far the training has taken me and I can see the same potential for change in people who come to me.

Come to my class and you will look back and wonder how you did so much. How can that happen? It is simple – you will be having so much fun that you won’t notice how far you can push yourself. This is not the usual sort of “fun”, but the joy that comes from experiencing your physicality in new forms of movement. Add to that the increases in overall mental function and self-confidence that come from learning a new skill, and you will wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

My training hasn’t stopped – I love physical and mental challenges and continue to train every week with the Chief Instructor, Dennis Ngo.  So be assured, no matter how far I take you in your training, i will be pulling from the front, learning more, training harder, going further. And on the way, there will be fun.

Let joy be unconfined!




"I've been training here for over a year now. It is a rewarding experience; better physical and mental training than any gym or sport I've tried in recent years! All the people in the classes, especially the senior ones are approachable and keen to help out. As a beginner I never felt intimidated by the whole experience."

Amir Eftikar - FWC Hammersmith, Fulham & Chiswick

About Instructor Adam

Adam Prout studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Leeds University. Before becoming a full time Kung Fu Instructor he worked as a computer systems engineer in the City.

Adam’s training has taken him all over the world, from Europe, the Middle East, to the Far East.  In particular he has extensive experience of travelling in China, as part of a Traditional Martial Arts research team.  In 2013 he competed at the Southern Shaolin Invitational Tournament, winning two silver medals.

Adam is married and is an enthusiastic skier.

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