Dec 26th 2013  

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Rooftops of Yong Chun

Rooftops of Yong Chun

Shanghai to Yong Chun

After the adventures of the night before, the day kicked off with tasty dumplings and beef noodles in one of Shanghai’s greasy spoons. We then browsed one of the City’s fun shopping districts, great for last minute Christmas shopping, people watching and drinks from bars last seen in Swiss ski resorts.

 After leaving some of our party behind for their last night in China, we headed for the airport.  But the curse of the big city still had some surprises in store. Lost phones, wrong terminals, over-zealous check in staff and a dislocated shoulder(!); we kept up our spirits with emergency M&Ms and Snickers.

 One flight and a bus ride later, we arrived to a warm Yong Chun welcome from Su Laoshi, ending a long day in the town’s street food area for midnight snacks and beer.

 Yong Chun day one

Possibly because of the late arrival in Yong Chun, or the surprisingly good Shanghai gluweins the day before, we woke bleary-eyed for our first day of training.  After a classic chinese hotel breakfast we set off to Su Laoshi’s, with much admiration for the new Yong Chun river decking.  Patterns were the order of the day, with first-time China trippers put through the paces of the Yong Chun White Crane San Zhan.

 After a morning of learning, refreshing of memories and patient corrections from Su Laoshi and family, we set off for the first of the days’ delicious al fresco meals at an exclusive venue, the new 7th floor training terrace. It comes complete with hanging bags for some light padwork before dining.  With just two wok burners our personal chef had cooked a range of delectable dishes.  Faced with such a feast, it felt important to remember those back at home by emailing/we chatting as many food pictures as possible – wish you were here?

 While some of the more resourceful in our party ventured out to local supermarkets to buy chinese tea bags and milk, we also collected our heavier than expected metal order, including broadswords, a long straight sword and two weapons that would scare a Klingon.. oh right, they are called hook swords.

 Dennis arrived later in the evening to find the group tired but happy, settling into the rhythms of Yong Chun.

Su Laoshi's special red wine

Su Laoshi’s special red wine

Day two Yong Chun

Much more bright-eyed and bushy tailed, Christmas eve’s training kicked off with a guan do weapons demo.  Note to self, stand well back…

 Once again lunch and dinner was delicious, even the dreaded durian fruit crispy mash dish was devoured. We also enjoyed Su Laoshi’s special hong jiu. Some of the group then headed off to source Yong Chun’s Christmas decorations ahead of tomorrow festivities.  Stay tuned for Christmas Yong Chun style.