Nick Fielding

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"Such a nerd" - "Stupid" - "Skinny punk" - "Fat git" - "Colourful character" - "Boring" ... take it from someone who's had it ALL thrown at them... LABELS DON'T MATTER. They are on the outside... they are none of your business. What matters is you. And Kung Fu is all about you.

Brain like Einstein, body like Frankenstein? I know what happens when you stare at a screen for 8 hours a day (or 12, or 14...). And there is a better way.

More Mr Muscle than Mr Universe. Or maybe more like the Michelin Man. Been there on both counts.

Or maybe you feel like you're waiting to take the blue pill. Tick. (Not that blue pill!! Go watch The Matrix...).

Here's the thing. Kung Fu works. It builds you sky high from ground zero; it kicks you screaming from your pedestal.

After all, aren't we all striving for balance?

Kung Fu has given me that balance. A harmony of business, training and family. And I can show you the way too.

Just be prepared for hard work.

Nick is a solo entrepreneur, running a successful eCommerce business from his home in Teddington, South West London - where he lives with his wife Ety and 4 year old daughter Sophia.

He graduated from Oxford University in 2000 with an MSc in Mathematical Sciences, before working for 8 years in the City Of London for JP Morgan Chase investment bank.

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