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Nick Fielding


"You are the master of your own destiny" - is a phrase you will find liberally scattered around any self-help and personal development literature. The vast majority of people leave their destiny to chance. Kung fu training gives you firstly the physical strength, then the mental focus, then the drive, determination and perseverance to craft for yourself the reality that you desire.

Kung fu means something different and unique to each practitioner, however what is constant is that it creates a better version of that individual, one better suited to whatever their situation and dreams.

Over the course of the last 12 years, kung fu has grown/changed/led me from being a young man frustrated and bored with an oppressive corporate lifestyle, but too weak to do anything about it - to an instructor and solo entrepreneur, with big dreams and an unwavering belief that they will become a reality.

As an instructor I want to instill in all of my students that there is always a better path. For many, the challenge is too great and they fall by the wayside. But for those who persist, the rewards are immeasurable.

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