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I may be young…but come train with me and I will make you both physically and mentally stronger.
With over ten years of training experience I am all too familiar with the pain required to stick at a discipline as physically and mentally taxing as kung fu but it is a pain that has given me a strong sense of purpose that has kept my head above water during my most challenging times.
I have lived and breathed movement for the majority of my life starting contemporary and ballet dance at the age of eight and starting white crane kung fu at the age of twelve, this has given me an innate understanding of the human body and allows me to integrate different disciplines into my teaching.
So when you come and train with me, expect to work, expect sweat and expect to be pushed to your limits but also expect the joy you get from overcoming physical and mental obstacles.

About Instructor Joshua

Joshua has over ten years of training experience starting with Fujian White Crane kung fu at the age of twelve. He has also been trained in contemporary dance and ballet at Trinity Laban Dance and the BRIT school and is a qualified personal trainer.

Joshua has a great interest in Chinese history and philosophy and is currently learning to speak Chinese.

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