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Anna Wallen, Instructor, Fujian White Crane Kung Fu & Tai Chi Martial Arts

I love the feeling that my body will work for me; that if I suddenly need to sprint for a train or leapĀ out of the path of the muddy wave splashing my way from a passing lorry, I can. OK, occasionally after a hard class I just decide there’s no harm in waiting for the next train, but that’s a choice.

Kung Fu is my choice. I train this ancient Art to hone my body, trying to become more precise, more graceful, more explosive. And like anything else, good practice makes me better – both at the physical movements, and in disciplining myself to train, even on days when a cold or just weariness is dragging me towards the sofa and a nice warm cuppa. My mind is more focused.

And having body and mind more focused on my long-term goals lifts the spirits and puts a smile on my face. My life is under my control (to the extent that anyone’s is), I am the captain of my fate.

One of my goals, now and over the long term is to pass on what I have learned. To share this gift with others who are willing to put in the hard graft. So come to class and learn to push yourself; I will help you to sweat, to stretch both physically and mentally, and to enjoy the flexibility and freedom that Kung Fu can bring.

About Instructor Anna

Anna has a doctorate in environmental technology. She was working as a senior research scientist in the water industry when she began learning Kung Fu as cross-training for distance running. Now she runs as cross-training for Kung Fu, and has become a consultant so that she can spend more time training and teaching, when not looking after her family.

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