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As a former Royal Naval Officer, history, high standards and sound discipline, enshrined in a famous tradition, have always been important to me.  In my search to continue my martial arts progression, I discovered Fujian White Crane Kung Fu offered all these qualities – and more.  Learning Fujian White Crane Kung Fu, a traditional martial art proven many times in battle over the last 800 years, has greatly improved my self-belief and has enhanced my physical and mental well-being.  It has allowed me to achieve bigger and better things in life. Naturally, Fujian White Crane Kung Fu has taught me how to fight effectively, but moreover, it has empowered me to fight for those values I hold most dear – values such as  Courtesy, Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Perseverance.

In teaching you Fujian White Crane Kung Fu I bring these important tenets to the fore.  After 17 years of training my mind and body in Fujian White Crane Kung Fu, I feel I am playing my part in furthering its illustrious, hard-earned heritage and I rightly feel proud of my achievements.

Fujian White Crane Kung Fu has given me the strength of mind to excel both inside and outside of kung fu and now it is my turn to give something back and to help you discover your ‘feel-good’ factor through Fujian White Crane Kung Fu.

I will teach you Fujian White Crane Kung Fu in a disciplined and safe environment.  High standards of behavior are expected of me and you in learning a truly effective fighting art that has stood the test of time.  Respect for others and for yourself is essential as you are not alone in this self-improvement journey.  Trust what you are being taught by me; the fighting efficiency and guile carefully concealed in this style will become apparent as you progress under my patient guidance.  And here’s the important bit: if you are asking, “Is it for me?”  let me assure you that Fujian White Crane Kung Fu is suitable for all.  I will show you that you don’t need great physical strength to succeed in this traditional kung fu fighting system; all you need is the willingness to learn something that never stops giving. You too will then be part of an amazing and illustrious tradition.

About Instructor Andy

Andy is a successful leader with a very varied professional career from the Royal Navy, the Defence sector, to Retail and Investment Banking. In recent years Andy’s career has focussed on Business Turnaround and Corporate Leadership.

Along the way he earned an Honours degree in Electrical Engineering with Electronics from Imperial College (University of London) and has Chartered Engineer status. Andy is also a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.

He also has a few stories to tell.

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