About The Class

This class combines beginners' sparring (foundation fighting drills) with pad work (using punch bags). In the sparring section you will train basic fighting principles with a partner. Pad work is mixed in with speed drills. The class is a complete exercise session including warming up, stretching and cool downs.

Tuesday 20:30 - 21:30
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Montessori School Entrance
St James's Hall, St James Church
Sheriff Road
West Hampstead, London


The hall is just off West-End Lane. The entrance is the Montessori School on the side of the Church on Sheriff Road. From West Hampstead tube station (Jubilee line): come out of the tube and turn left. It is a 1 min walk on the right hand side. From West Hampstead sliver link (North London Line): come out of this station and turn right. The hall is a 1 min walk to the right. Classes are a 1 min walk from Kilburn High Road and 5 min walk from Finchley Road. Classes support areas with an NW postcode.

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What am I going to learn?

So can anyone join in?

You must have passed your first grading to attend this lesson.

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