About The Class

Well it's super slow, but it is the gentlest way to returning to being human again. The class is more manly than yoga and more feminine than Kung Fu. A delicate balance between being energetic and totally stationary. Despite at times being so slow it's barely perceivable the class is actually quite dynamic. It will release you from a day of chair-sitting and awaken your sinews.

Tai Chi
Tuesday 18:30 - 19:30
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Montessori School Entrance
St James's Hall, St James Church
Sheriff Road
West Hampstead, London


The hall is just off West-End Lane. The entrance is the Montessori School on the side of the Church on Sheriff Road. From West Hampstead tube station (Jubilee line): come out of the tube and turn left. It is a 1 min walk on the right hand side. From West Hampstead sliver link (North London Line): come out of this station and turn right. The hall is a 1 min walk to the right. Classes are a 1 min walk from Kilburn High Road and 5 min walk from Finchley Road. Classes support areas with an NW postcode.

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What am I going to learn?

You will understand your body and free it up. You will train to do what you desire your body to do. During all the balance work, core stability training, breathing and postural corrections, you will delightfully discover you've been doing a martial art the whole time and you've become unassumingly lethal.

So can anyone join in?

Yes anyone can do this! Just bring your patience and have a go.

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