About The Class

Suang Yang is the Crane System's equivalent of T'ai Chi. It is a Buddhist internal style.

Suang Yang Soft Style
Wednesday 19:15 - 20:15
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Main Hall
St Faiths Community Centre
Red Post Hill
SE24 9JQ


From North Dulwich train station turn right, go up the hill until you come to a small roundabout (2 min walk). St Faiths Church and Community Centre are opposite the roundabout - you need the building on the left hand side of the little courtyard.

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What am I going to learn?

During the class you will learn the full pattern, as well as pushing hands, correct breathing and gentle strengthening exercises. Suang Yang classes are run in conjunction with the Hard Style Kung Fu classes, however it is possible to do either one or the other on its own.

So can anyone join in?

Adult classes: anyone 12 years or above is welcome. No previous experience is required.

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