About The Class

Grab the chance to move your body the way that you have trained so hard. To react to your partner, finding your position and learning more about yourself than you thought possible.

Sunday 10:30 - 11:15
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New Hall
Claremont Hall
24-27 White Lion Street
Islington, London
N1 9PD


White Lion Street is immediately opposite the entrance to Angel Tube Station, its entrance is between Pret-A-Manger and HSBC. Claremont Hall is approximately 150 metres up this street on the left hand side.

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What am I going to learn?

To move - and to move with the face that is becoming of a Crane stylist. To overwhelm an opponent. And to minimise any grave and tense situation.

So can anyone join in?

You must have passed your First Foundation Grading. Your membership must be up to date. Other than that, all are welcome.

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