Apr 20th 2018  

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Louis Beazley from FWC London South, has a Gold Medal in his sights. Whether he wins that Gold Medal or not – that is what he has trained for, and that is what he is aiming for. Who can criticise that?

19.04.18 – Louis is still in training

“Two days till the competition! The clock is ticking, final adjustments are being made. Students polish their shin guards, remould their mouth guards and practise their scariest faces in the bathroom mirror. I hope you have all been religiously following my advice from last week; I have tried to [follow my own advice]  as much as possible.

This week I have been doing more of the same. I bet you were all hoping I had decided to take it easy and rest up before the competition. Yeah – no luck there I’m afraid. My skipping rope is just a little more worn, my gloves are a little stinkier and I’m getting through t-shirts like they are going out of fashion. But I do feel good for it.

During sparring training this week I am starting to see it come together. When sparring in class I am finding myself able to pick up my opponent’s rhythm a little quicker (and avoid more of those low kicks). It seems to me at the moment that the more you spar the more you enjoy it, but I suppose that makes sense.

This week’s highlights:

Something that has had a significant impact on my training this week is the rapid rise in temperature! It has taken my body a little time to adjust to summer’s sudden arrival. I have to admit a rise in temperature seems to have corresponded with a decrease in my stamina. I guess the “Hottest April day in 70 YEARS!” couldn’t have come at a better time (looks like it’s going to be a sweaty competition this year). Luckily sweaty is my standby setting so I won’t be too bogged down by my perspiration. Make sure you bring a water bottle and a towel!

Variety is the key

I suspect I have sparred with as many different people in the last week as I managed to in the previous two months. I find sparring with my fellow students an interesting experience. It’s slightly odd to stand in front of someone you know (and like) and think about how you are going to try and hit them. But that is what makes sparring fantastic as well; outside of the moment in which you are trying to hit them (and they are trying to hit you) there is no animosity, quite the opposite!

We apologise that, due to a technical fault, the skipping rope is invisible in this photo. However, we would like to confirm that no skipping ropes were harmed in the preparation for this competition.

We are all here to do Kung Fu and when you spar with other students you are both learning how to fight – it is an essential part of what we practise.

If we don’t help each other learn in this way then we miss out part of what we are learning, we miss out on some of what our Instructors teach us.

So before I spar, after I spar, and whilst I am sparring, I am thankful for the opportunity to put what I learn into practice in an environment where the stakes aren’t as high. When we enjoy sparring for what it is – an important part of our learning – our ability to apply Kung Fu grows. So thank you to all the people I have sparred with so far and all those I will compete with on Saturday.

Last but never least…

My last piece of advice to you all for the competition is to make sure you are The Winner.

Get up on Saturday and be the person who takes home the Gold Medal. Have the breakfast that the person who takes home the Gold Medal has. Put on the uniform that the person who takes home the Gold Medal wears. Arrive at the venue to the cheers of your adoring fans (even if it’s your own voice) and most importantly when you step out onto the mat make sure it is to collect the Gold Medal you’ve already won!

Best of luck for Saturday, I am looking forward to seeing you all!”