Feb 09th 2017  

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Welcome to the Year of the Rooster! Another Chinese New Year, another animal from the Zodiac – another New Year Card design.

2017 is the year of the Red Fire Rooster. Inspiration for the drawing was taken from Seti and Sharon’s discussions around how chickens (hens and roosters/cockerels) behave in real life. Although “chicken” is synonymous with “coward” in day-to-day banter these birds do not merit such disparagement. A cockerel is ever watchful of the flock, quick to spot danger and quick to act.  A hen will protect and defend her eggs and chicks with all she has. Both hens and cockerels will come to the aid of another bird in their flock.

Hence the drawing you see here.  A chicken, full of life and fire welcoming you all to their year, keeping a beady eye on you as the youngsters frolic in the background.

Anyone who considers putting your life on the line for your loved ones to be an act of cowardice doesn’t even deserve to be called a “chicken”.

Farewell Monkey, see you in 12 years.

Thank you one again to Seti Seto from FWC Hammersmith for the beautiful drawing and design work.

Photograph of chicken taken by Instructor Sharon Ngo


“Oh, how I need Someone to watch over me.”