Jul 27th 2016  

 Travel diaries

We all came home safely from Crete, no injuries, plenty of learning. We learned so much both from the training and the general discussions over breakfast, lunch and dinner, that it’s hard to keep hold of it all. So we have set out a handy reminder list to cut out and keep. We also made major strides in the new sport of Donkey Diving – we got as far as freestylling, much to the disgust of the classicists. It might take some time before it makes it to the Olympics, but no doubt by then we will have completely evolved system of marking. We would like to reassure  that no donkeys were harmed in the development of this game. Looking forward to the “real” Olympics next month.

And, most importantly our young Superhero had an emotional reunion with his luggage (even though it took 5 days). We all confirmed that it was indeed crimson – “red” did not do it justice.

Things we learnt this week:

  • A couple of “Enlightenments” (some of us)
  • “Weeb” can be used ironically.
  • The Eight Enlightments (just a few of us!).
  • The donkey we used for Donkey Diving did not answer to the name ‘Squirtl”
  • Identifying the correct shade of an item rather than being lazy and just using the primary colour is not being awkward – it is a sign of artistic temperament.
  • How to get reluctant Pickachus on a bus – you poke’em’on.
  • The relativity of: distance, timing, rhythm.
  • Watching 动漫 (orアニメ) is not a substitute for real life training.
  • Obsession is a key component of achieving excellence.
  • The Palace at Knossos had a “primitive air conditioning system” based on air convection currents – no doubt the use of “primitive” is ironic considering the current hole(s) in the ozone layer.
  • Neither referendum, nor currency crash, nor heat, nor darkness shall prevent us from accomplishing our appointed course with all speed (apologies to Herodotus).
  • Your life does not flash before your eyes during hill sprints – there isn’t enough space left in your brain for any thoughts other than “I’m going to die, I’m not going to die, I’m going to die, I’m not going to die…”.
  • Sleep, train, eat make a great triumvirate – pick your favourite (hint – make sure it’s “train”).

So enjoy the photos (sorry for the layout – must conquer WordPress), and see you next year!

Wonder what next year’s crisis will be?


Freestyle donkey diving

No sooner has the sport been created than the freestylers move in…


Geopolitics at work…




A child’s armour – those Minoans were pretty tough

Classical donkey diving

Foremost of the classicists – unbeaten champion.


Be merry!










New contender

New contender



donkey - not Pokemon

Don’t call me Squirtl. The noble steed, Stargazer Lily. Totally unharmed after a fierce week of competition.

A superhero attempts the near-impossible. That's what superheroes are for.

A near-superhero attempts the near-impossible. That’s what superheroes are for.

A Superhero and his Luggage are reunited - tears everywhere.

A superhero-in-training and his Luggage are reunited – tears everywhere.

Leaping onto a donkey in a swimming pool

A giant leap for superhero-kind.


The original bull-leaper – as seen in the Heraklion Museum of antiquities from the Palace of Knossos