Mar 03rd 2016  

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Instructors of the Fujian White Crane Kung Fu Club plant an olive tree in Egypt

Where was your Instructor last week? Back at Soma Bay on the Red Sea for an intensive week of training and learning (and eating and swimming and sleeping and [fill in envious thought here]). But it doesn’t look too intensive in the photo, does it? That’s because the hotel management asked if we would like to take part in an initiative to help UNICEF by sponsoring a tree.

We have been coming to Egypt for training for a number of years now. The dry heat, guaranteed weather, stunning night skies and beautiful landscapes make training both a physical challenge and a mental joy. “Perception of effort” takes on a new meaning doing early morning sprints up 30-metre sand dunes. “Mindfulness” is overfilled by drifting down the Nile saluting the sun as it rises over an ancient land. Some of our trips have been cancelled or postponed because of trouble in the region, and it is not really possible to go camping in the Egyptian Sahara at the moment.

We chose an olive tree, international symbol of peace. And bearer of delicious fruits and oils. Children always suffer in conflicts so let us hope for peace.

I’m sure you are interested in how intensive the training was.  Rather than give you an empty assurance that it was really really intense/painful/exhilarating, here is a rundown of our training “to dos” for the week. Richard and Adam had a new system of self-torture in place which has done wonders for one of the basic elements of their training – Adam will be filling you in so I won’t spoil the surprise.  Dave continued his work on levitation, hindered only by the constant supply of food. He had no need of leg weights at all (which was just as well given the luggage allowance). Karim was working on staying out of the water and in the heat – he received moral support from George who came down from Cairo for a few days to train with us. Nick was working his visual acuity, hindered only by a leaky dive mask. Sharon was working out what the tiger did next. And Dennis? Best not to ask, but I am sure there will be some interesting lessons ahead.

Instructors of the Fujian White Crane Kung Fu Club plant an olive tree in Egypt

“It’s a very difficult job and the only way to get through it is we all work together as a team. And that means you do everything I say.”