Nov 04th 2015  

 FWC Cambridge Mug Challenge

Do you train with us in Cambridge?  Then sign up for the FWC Cambridge Mug Challenge!

There are various categories to choose from, and we reserve the right to add new categories as our imaginations take hold and make them up.

So, the thing to do is grab an FWC Cambridge mug from Instructor Karim Daoud and (without breaking any legal laws) obtain a photo of it (or other proof of its location) with any of the following people or in any of the following locations:

  1. with a Nobel Laureate
  2. in the Infinite Monkey Cage
  3. on the International Space Station
  4. within the Arctic Circle
  5. with an Olympian
  6. on the playing surface of an internationally famous sporting venue
  7. at the Large Hadron Collider
  8. on Einstein’s desk
  9. on Da Vinci’s desk
  10. in an extreme environment (above 35 Celsius or below -20 Celsius)
  11. At higher than 5,000 m above sea level
  12. whilst a world record is being broken
  13. at the furthest point (using GPS coordinates) from 52.2052° N, 0.1081° E

Questions?  Sure ask away, but get on with it!

And remember, we want proof (and to know how you did it).  You can show the mug either way round: