Nov 19th 2015  


We watched them training, and sweating, and panicking (just a little bit).  Then we packed them off on a plane to China to do some competitions.

And here are the final results of the White Crane Competition – congratulations to all who took part:


Women’s Freehand Patterns

Amy Nightingale – Gold

Yevheniia Mikheenko – Silver

Lise Mayer – Bronze

Judith Bruhn – Bronze

Jiliian Steen – Competitors Medal


Women’s Staff Patterns

Yevheniia Mikheenko – Silver


Men’s Freehand Patterns (Under 36 years age)

Chris West – Gold

Daniel Shaw-Abulafia – Silver

Michael Westmuckett – Silver

Alex Cole – Bronze

Amit Popat – Competitors Medal

Tom Bujega – Competitors Medal


Men’s Freehand Patterns (over 36 years age)

Rob Forsyth – Bronze

Michael Cohen – Bronze

Jonathon Westmuckett – Bronze

Werner Boye – Competitors Medal


Men’s Sword Patterns (under 36 Years age)

Daniel Shaw-Abulafia – Gold

Michael Westmuckett – Silver


Men’s Sword Patterns (Over 36 years age)

Jonathon Westmuckett – Competitors Medal


Men’s Staff Pattern (Over 36 years age)

Rob Forsyth – Silver

Michael Cohen – Silver

Werner Boye – Bronze


Men’s Staff Pattern (Under 36 years age)

Chris West – Silver

Daniel Shaw-Abulafia – Bronze


More results to follow for the International Wuzuquan & South Shaolin Martial Arts Tournament.