Nov 19th 2015  


And so, one week after the joyful White Crane Gala, our hardy but diminished bunch headed off the Quanzhou, China to have another go at not losing.

Here are the results, and congratulations again to all those who pinned their colours to the mast.


Women’s Freehand

Yevheniia Mikheenko – Silver

Judith Bruhn – Silver

Jillian Steen – Bronze


Women’s Staff

Yevheniia Mikheenko – Bronze


Men’s Freehand

Daniel Shaw-Abulafia – Gold

Chris West – Gold

Jonathon Westmuckett – Silver

Richard Watson – Silver

Amit Popat – Silver

Werner Boye – Bronze

Michael Cohen – Bronze

Tom Bugeja – Bronze

Alex Cole – Bronze


Men’s Sword

Daniel Shaw-Abulafia – Silver

Jonathon Westmuckett – Bronze


Men’s Staff

Daniel Shaw-Abulafia – Gold

Chris West – Silver

Michael Cohen – Bronze

Richard Watson – Bronze

Werner Boye – Bronze