Jul 20th 2015  

 Travel diaries

This entry is part 7 of 7 in the series Crete Camp 2015

Back to the beach – hooray! It’s Sunday and it does fill up. There are plenty of new tourists swelling the numbers, and once again we give them something interesting to look at.

The swimming “keepy-uppy” group achieved a lifetime best of 85 without a splash. Just as they thought they were going to score a century – there was slip in silly mid off. Oh well, that’s what happens when you raise your expectations and then drop the ball – your best ever score doesn’t feel good enough.

Said goodbye to the Elders. The Leader explained about his stroke two years ago – it is a long journey back to strength. He seems to have really enjoyed watching all these young people training and strengthening their bodies.

Moussaka for last taverna lunch. Heat is really building up as we get into the second half of July. Don’t feel like a nap so go and train in the shade. Although I have enjoyed the guitar heroes this week (Hendrix was epic last night). sometimes only Tosca will do. So earphones in, stick in hand, bottle of water, off I go. An hour of inner peace.

Afternoon training is final consolidation of the week’s themes. Only major injury of the week (stubbed toe – doesn’t sound like much but looks like it’s going to come off).  Cicadas reaching a crescendo in competition with the local dog choir.

Final dinner and charades by the beach (X plus Y causing most difficulty – La Cage aux Folles surprisingly easy). Some of the youngsters now have a list of classic films to catch up on – who hasn’t heard of Cool Hand Luke?

Well time to pack up and come home. See you in class – over and out.