Dec 14th 2014  

 Travel diaries

Day zero 10th December 2014

Once more in an airport with a bunch of people in distinctive black tracksuits. Where are we going this time? China! Beijing via Helsinki, which is a great way of breaking up the long haul flying. 3 odd hours, then 8-9 hours. Plane packed with students going back to China for the Christmas holidays. The impending weather bomb was already starting to cause delays with strong headwinds flying from Europe, and made for an exciting take-off.

Helsinki airport is undergoing refurbishment so there were the jolly sounds of heavy machinery, mingled with the blonde wood and scandic design. Only food that appeared to be available was Japanese, though we did find a stall selling sausages next to the gate (too late to be of use).

Oddly (for flights to China) there were no young children or babies on board. The flights were strangely missing the usual sound of infants enjoying the convenience of modern travel. So that we did not sleep uninterrupted by the lack of babies, there was a group of Russian ballet boys to make up the deficit. “How do you know they were ballet boys” – a practiced eye can tell. Tall, lean, languid, they chatted all night long until it was nearly time to land – then they conked out. What they were discussing, I have no idea (could ask our Russian speaker, but he’s not convinced of their nationality despite their perfect Russian) – probably career opportunities.

Anyway, bleary eyed, here we are in Day 1.








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