May 25th 2014  


FWC Student Yevheniia Mikheenko
FWC Student Yevheniia Mikheenko

FWC Cambridge student Dr Yevheniia Mikheenko outside the window of Sir Isaac Newton’s study at Trinity College Cambridge. The apple tree behind her is said to come from Sir Isaac’s estate at Woolsthorpe in Lincolnshire.

FWC Cambridge Student Dr Yevheniia Mikheenko has been awarded a prestigious 3-year Research Fellowship by Darwin College, University of Cambridge.

According to the College, the Fellowships are for “outstanding researchers” to provide a formal, supported starting point for an academic career. Darwin may not be one of the more famous of the Cambridge Colleges, having been founded in 1964 by descendants of the famous Charles Darwin, but it was the first college established exclusively for post-graduate students. Yevheniia started training with FWC in 2009 whilst studying for her PhD, which was granted by Trinity College in 2013 at a time-honoured ceremony conducted in Latin.

Whilst the initial focus of Yevheniia’s research was emotional resilience in elite sportspeople (her own is frequently put to the test by Instructor Karim Daoud and in Sunday sparring), it is apparent that her work has wider implications for how people in general handle stress and its impact on their physical health. The Fellowship is ultimately dependent on Yevheniia securing funding for her research, and given its potential for dealing with the modern curse of high-stress-living we hope she secures it, especially as the Fellowship has dining-in privileges (including occasional guests – don’t wear your tracksuit).

Dr Mikheenko (as she is known in the scientific world) will be presenting a paper in Washington with the snappy title, “Undifferentiated physiological responses to safety and unpredictable threat are associated with high trait anxiety and lower emotional resilience in competitive sport.”

We look forward to reporting further on this line of research, and will come up with a few (rather unscientific) tests of resilience in the meantime. Any volunteers?

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