Feb 15th 2013  

 Training, Travel diaries

Luxor is beyond the mountains
New Moon in a clear sky

New Moon in a clear sky


Nothing much to report. The dead Pharaohs have left me with sore calves from climbing up and down the tombs in flip flops. Revenge of the Mummy


We haven’t had a repeat of last year’s invitations to the Valentine’s Dinner – perhaps they have more romantic couples here this year and we are not needed to fill in the numbers.


Calm calm Red Sea

Calm, calm Red Sea

It has been a glorious day – absolutely still air so sound carries for miles.

The sea is like a mill-pond in the lagoon, and a white heron came down to hunt whilst the fish jumped out of the still water.




The little bird shape is a white heron on a fishing trip

The little bird shape is a white heron on a fishing trip

Training is patterns and applications which maybe sounds like what you all do all the time but, believe me, you haven’t seen these applications. And you won’t be seeing them in sparring either. Anyway, training is pretty intense.

Relief comes after lunch. The pool was so warm that we risked the sea off the pier for snorkelling. Hmm it was pretty chilly – so much that the fish bit us to get us out of the water.

So may not seem much to report all in all, but enjoy the photos.


End of today's training

End of today’s training