Sep 04th 2012  

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Walk This Way For Snorkelling
Walk This Way For Snorkelling

Walk This Way For Snorkelling

As I walked into breakfast I was greeted by the sound of merry laughter – no problem finding our table then. The topic for discussion was “what would be your fighting song”.

Here goes:

“Do you really want to hurt me”

“I am the one and only”

“Hit me with your rhythm stick”

“Je t’aime”

“Take on me”


Good luck picking out your instructor. “Everybody was Kung fu fighting” didn’t make it onto the list.

Today’s training was speed of movement in attack and defence using Crane System only – fighting songs were no help – you can only rely on yourself after all.

Having travelled extensively into some fairly remote parts of the Globe I have always packed a stack of ziplock bags ( you know the ones – you take home the leftover goulash in them after camp). Over the years I have found a multitude of uses for them – mostly unrelated to food preservation. Today I made a joyful discovery – the one gallon bag fits my iPad – and I can still use the touch screen – a waterproof cover for next to nothing! Can now write this blog fresh out of the sea.

Very windy today which cools things down but makes the sea off the pier a bit rough for snorkelling. I thought wearing a triathlon swimsuit might help, but once again the lesson is learnt – you can’t rely on accessories you have to rely on yourself. Hope sea calmer tomorrow – even the toughties aren’t swimming today – only a couple of scuba divers who can avoid the swell when deep enough.

Evening spent stretching – definitively easier in this climate – and talking over plans for the future – ars long vita brevis – so much to learn so little time. Interesting discussion of “negative hallucination” under hypnosis – how we can fool ourselves into make sense of a nonsensical world by making false connections. Hmmm – wonder if that would work in sparring.