Sep 02nd 2012  

 Travel diaries

  • Soma Bay Camp 2012 – Day 1


I got out of doing a Day Zero by virtue of already being here for a week’s holiday – but perhaps travelling would have been preferable. The day before training starts (what should have been Day Zero), we head for the coral reef to do some snorkelling. Out here in Soma Bay there is a pier that goes hundreds of metres out to sea, and you climb down the end onto the reef drop-off. All day scuba divers come clanking up the ladder on their way back to the Dive Centre, being picked up in golf buggies sent out to meet them – I guess that’s what a five star PADI centre means!

Anyway there we are sorting out our paraphernalia and the Chief is ready first. Down he goes on the ladder ready to hop in the water when there is a loud crack. All we hear is “Broken – it’s broken” the leg? The rib? speak to me – “No, the step” Barked shins and bruised ribs – ouch. Plenty of more heavyweight people stand around aghast. One of the golf buggies helps us back and iodine is poured into the open wound as concerned diving instructors poke the bruised ribs until they are told in Arabic who’s ribs they’re poking.

Later in the afternoon when I went for another swim I had impromptu lessons in the German vernacular from scuba divers trying to climb up the ladder having to haul themselves over the missing step.

The Magnificent Six arrived in the evening having been met at the airport by a young man holding up a sign stating “Family Kung Fu – word has spread then. Quick dash to the buffet for 45 mins of concentrated eating before it was all snatched away.

Oh well – day zero may not have had an auspicious start but will mean extra training and less time swimming (no snorkelling with freshly bruised ribs).


WiFi at breakers

And Day One was just that. “Early start and then break before it’s too hot”. Ok. Early start – check. Break…….break………how about now…….break…….pretty warm…….break – oh is that the time…..Break Phew! Now we have vey few complaints here but I think they need to give us an extra table for lunch. Right – lamb chops, and kofta, and a steak – with potatoes and salad with no dressing (a nod to healthy eating? Bit like diet cola with your burger).

Anyone want to guess who that was. “I thought you said you were only going to have two main courses”. “I did – the kofta was a starter” Ahh that makes sense.

So what do your instructors train whilst they are here? History, philosophy, technique, manners, public speaking, asking for tea for 12, and food combining (based on permutations of main courses). Bet you’re looking forward to getting them back.