Jul 01st 2012  

 Travel diaries

FWC, The Claremont Project and the Choir With No Name take part in flash mob event
FWC, The Claremont Project and the Choir With No Name take part in flash mob event

Photo by Alya Kharchenko

On the 7th of June 2012, a group of volunteers from FWC in collaboration with dancers from Claremont Project and the Choir With No Name, took part in a flash mob event called “Let’s Dance” at the N1 Centre in Islington which was part of the Big Dance 2012.

To us volunteers, the task seemed simple. Learn a cool Kung Fu routine choreographed by Instructor Karim and performed to the beat of Madonna’s Jump. We picked up the routine fairly quickly, at least after a few alterations, and thought we were prepared going into the first rehearsal with the rest of the Let’s Dance crew.

The event’s main choreographer was Simona, from the Counterpoint Dance Company. With words of encouragement, she ran through the full routine with us, teaching us all the bits we would be performing with the whole crew. Then she said “now this part is where everyone gets to do some freestyle dancing”. A wave of terror passed over the troupe of eight martial artists…”freestyle dancing?!”

After a sleepless night, we assembled at Claremont for one final practice session with the whole crew. Some of us were still working on our freestyle dance, or working up the courage to do a freestyle dance, or working on a way to avoid doing a freestyle dance. Everyone was pretty tense, but the mood was good. The dancers from Claremont and the Choir With No Name were buzzing with energy and it was contagious.

As we made our way to the NI Centre for the performance, the rain lashed down but it did not dampen our spirits.
We moved into position. Members of the public began to gather as they saw this huge group of about 50 people wearing bright red “Big Dance” t-shirts. They were in for a treat!

We performed the dance twice. The first dance could have gone smoother as there were some slight timing issues, but we pulled it together by the first chorus for a triumphant ending. The crowd went wild!

The second dance however was where we shined. With perfect timing we busted our moves out like professionals, and our urban infused, bhangra inspired mix of trip-hop cowboy wedding freestyle section was performed in all its avant-garde glory. The crowd went even wilder!!

It was definitely an experience that everyone involved will never forget.