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I have done it the hard way, making many mistakes throughout my 16 years of learning kung fu. Having trod that path before you means I can recognise and help you overcome any difficulties that you may encounter along your way to learning this enlightening martial art. It’s a woman’s style of kung fu so doesn’t require strength, only strength of mind to apply yourself and to try to understand what is being taught.

My kung fu journey hasn’t been easy but it has certainly been worthwhile and has afforded me many benefits, from physical and mental wellbeing to better understanding of oriental culture, even if my Mandarin pronunciation leaves much to be desired.

You will start your kung fu adventure for yourself but there is a great team around you ready and willing to help you at every step of the way.

About Instructor Andy

Andy is a successful leader with a very varied professional career from the Royal Navy, the Defence sector, to Retail and Investment Banking.

Along the way he earned an Honours degree in Electrical Engineering with Electronics from Imperial, Diplomas in Marketing and in Management Studies, Chartered Engineer status, and is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.

He has been successful in teaching in various ways during his lifetime, from Advanced Driving to ‘A’ level Physics and Mathematics. He also has a few stories to tell.

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